The Fool On The Hill

Were the SDLP’s Alex Attwood genuine in his concern about the environmental impact of single-use shopping bags, he’d set about outlawing their use completely rather than cynically placing a levy on already hard-pressed shoppers from next April.

It’s quite tough enough out there for people  who are up to their eyes in an economic crisis and enduring high food costs; ever increasing utility and energy bills; pay freezes and cuts; frozen and cut benefits and generally struggling to keep their head above water without paying his petty, daft tax. End of.


One thought on “The Fool On The Hill

  1. I quite agree. And with the bag tax, bang goes a lot of the lifeblood trade in CTN stores as the 2l of milk is carried out on its own, instead of in a bag filled with 4 or 5 other items

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